Rocket Power: my tomboy youth.

This was probably one of my favorite programs of my pre-tween years... ahh good times. I remember how my brother and I would sit in front of the telly every day at 4pm, turn on Nickelodeon and watch in excitement as the theme song came on...

The animation style is the same style as the classic Nickelodeon oldies The Wild Thornberries, Rugrats and Aah! Real Monsters, all of which were produced by the company Klasky Csupo.  

If I were forced to pick a favorite character...hmm that would be difficult. To be honest, I love all four of them!  Otto (the sunglasses kid) had a character which I both hated and loved. He was so full of himself and selfish but because he was so energetic and lived life on the edge, ignored rules and was ultimately the 'cool one', he was hard to loathe. Plus, he had mad skills. Sam (or squid) was the brains of the group. Even though he wasn't as athletically gifted as the rest of the gang, I always thought he was so cool with his computer smarts and his shark helmet. Reggie, being the only girl in the group, was obviously, at that time, my idol. She was cool, smart and pretty gifted with a board, blades or a bike. She was literally the person who I wanted to be when I was 10. The tomboy girl with the cargo-pants and rocket shirt who hung out with the boys and skateboarded all day. Twister I loved for two reasons: 1. Twister is a cool name. And 2, I was in love with his accent. He may not have been the brightest of the bunch but I personally think he was the biggest sweetheart.... alright. If I were forced to pick a character I probably maybe would edge a teeny bit more towards Twister. For the reasons I have just stated. Come on, can you blame me? 

For the people that have never seen this show, I would recommend you watch it (if you can find it) if you're into extreme sports. If not, it may seem a little bit boring to some. To me, because I grew up with this show during a significant phase of my childhood (my tomboy stage), it will always remain awesome in my head.

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