Here comes little Madeline!

Having a little bit of trouble sorting out the layout of this page. I'm seeing code in my head. It's like a nightmare. You make one small change and suddenly, everything goes askew. Man, sometimes I REALLY hate technology. It's funny how much you rely on it though. I remember there was one time the internet at my house was shot for a day and I felt so USELESS without it! It was like my sole source of fun and information was gone. Wow. That sounds SO sad. But it's true.  Oh well. No matter! This layout problem won't stop me from blogging! If anything, it'll probably take my mind off all that damn code for a while.... ANYWAY. Back to the blogpost. Today's topic...
Madeline. Literally my childhood. I'm not just talking about the books (which were equally enjoyable). The cartoon tv series was what I used to look forward to everyday after primary school. I think it was my comfort thing when I was 8. Whenever I was feeling sad or upset, I would watch Madeline and all the melancholy feelings would just disappear... Recently I came across a couple old clips of Madeline on Youtube and had one of those amazing moments of nostalgia. Just listening to the songs transported me back to the times I used to go horse riding and my mom would play the Madeline cassette tape as we drove to the riding center. Good times.... I think one of the reasons why I connected so well with the show and loved it so much was because I saw a lot of similarities between Madeline and me. Ok, not a lot but we're both small! She's definitely a fiery, bold character, unafraid of anything. I was quite the opposite. I wanted to be like her. Small on the outside but tall on the inside! Madeline's a great influence for young girls everywhere! Much more so than Miley Cyrus anyway. But that's another rant for another day though. Madeline is cute, cheeky and lovable. She encourages girls (and boys) to be bold, brave and great. She taught me something I never forgot: You may be petite but that doesn't mean you have to match your personality with your size. :)

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  1. did you know that the author of Madeline was a WW2 Spy/hero a member of the french resistance trained by the BSC as a "pianist" (a radio operator for the resistance) and despite the risk stayed to help her country till the end. you can read about it in the book "a man called intrepid" a very good book. though it is a bit of a sad story she is a hero to me in both bravery and integrity.

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