Real Life Mario!

What happens when the Nintendo world of Mario collides and fuses with our real world... friggin awesome.

Crater Face

This is such a sweet short film. Even moon craters can be romantic. I'm not going to say anymore... just watch.

Crater Face from Skyler Page on Vimeo.

My childhood in Busytown

Oh man. Richard Scarry is literally a blast from the past for me. Kids who grew up in the 90's will know what I'm talking about. Or you should anyway!

Here comes little Madeline!

Having a little bit of trouble sorting out the layout of this page. I'm seeing code in my head. It's like a nightmare. You make one small change and suddenly, everything goes askew. Man, sometimes I REALLY hate technology. It's funny how much you rely on it though. I remember there was one time the internet at my house was shot for a day and I felt so USELESS without it! It was like my sole source of fun and information was gone. Wow. That sounds SO sad. But it's true.  Oh well. No matter! This layout problem won't stop me from blogging! If anything, it'll probably take my mind off all that damn code for a while.... ANYWAY. Back to the blogpost. Today's topic...

Rocket Power: my tomboy youth.

This was probably one of my favorite programs of my pre-tween years... ahh good times. I remember how my brother and I would sit in front of the telly every day at 4pm, turn on Nickelodeon and watch in excitement as the theme song came on...

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